Rent a Jet Ski in Split or Go to Blue Cave Tour?

Which adventure you choose depends entirely on your preferences and desired experience. Here are some key points for both options:

Rent a Jet Ski in Split:

Freedom and Flexibility:

Renting a jet ski allows you to explore the scenic coastal areas surrounding Split at your own pace, visiting beaches, islands, and coves that catch your interest.
Jet skiing can provide thrill and adventure. Navigating waves while feeling the wind in your hair provides an adrenaline rush that keeps you coming back for more!

Personalize Your Experience: Renting a jet ski in Split gives you the ability to craft an experience tailored to your personal preferences, from choosing how long and where to ride, through how long to visit Blue Cave Tours, and so forth.

Natural Wonders:

The Blue Cave (Modra spilja) on Bisevo Island near Split is an exquisite natural phenomenon known for its breathtaking hue, created by sunlight entering through an underwater entrance. Tours offer visitors a chance to witness this astonishing sight and explore other captivating spots along the way.
Guided Experience: Joining a Blue Cave tour means having access to an experienced guide who can offer insight into its sights, history, and local culture. They’ll take care of navigating so you can relax and enjoy your journey!


Blue Cave tours often involve groups, providing travelers with an excellent opportunity to meet fellow travelers and share the adventure. It provides a social element and can be an enjoyable way to connect with one another.
At the core, your decision depends on whether you prefer the freedom and excitement of jet skiing, or prefer guided tours and breathtaking sights offered by Blue Cave Tours. Consider your personal interests, desired level of adventure, and individualized or group experiences when making this choice.

Facts about Blue Cave in Croatia

There’s a saying that says ‘the deeper you dive, the more you discover’.

The ocean covers one-third of the earth’s surface, only 5% has been identified.

Uncountable treasures that lie further or deep in the ocean, and are still to be discovered.

There was a time that Blue Cave Croatia was among the treasures that had not been discovered however, it was fortunate that in the past, it was now the most sought-after tourist attraction for both international and local tourists.

One of the main reasons for its growing popularity is its appearance in the well-known TV show Game of Thrones.

There is a chance to go to Blue Cave and directly book the Blue Cave tour from Split with the local travel agent.
If you’ve not heard of the blue cave before, you’ll be awed by this location when you read this piece. people who are already familiar with it will gain more knowledge.

Blue Cave, Blue Grotto Blue Cave, Blue Grotto Modra Spilja whatever you call it, has captured the hearts of a large number of people who have seen this magnificent beauty in remoteness.

It is said that the Adriatic Sea is known to be home to a number of hidden gems, however, Blue Cave is quite different that is superior to other marvels of the Adriatic Sea.

It is situated at Bisevo Island which is also a component of the Komiza Islands series.
There are a variety of tour operators all over Croatia that offer blue cave tours with various benefits and offers.
The popularity of the blue cave is now the latest factor in the fierce competition among travel agents in Croatia.

However, the locals especially the fishermen who know how to navigate the area, travel independently. In the event that you don’t have any knowledge about the region, you should employ the most reliable services for capturing these beautiful moments.
First, you have to be familiar with the basics regarding the cave in blue, as well as an outline of your tour. So let’s get a little digging and learn more about the cave before making a decision to go. We suggest that you go through the article all the way through so that you don’t miss out on a huge amount of information.

Blue Cave is one of the most mysterious caves located on Bisevo Island, and the island itself has been a popular tourist destination for a long time due to its isolation and deep water depth, it’s among the most popular spots for a fishing catch.
In the past, ago, it was sought after by fishermen. Its popularity grew when Blue Cave’s popularity began to spread all over the world. We will look into the facts regarding Blue Cave and Bisevo Island.

Where is Bisevo Island?

Bisevo Island is situated 37 nautical miles to the south of Split in the open ocean. Regionally, it is located in the southeastern part of the coastal border of Croatia.

It is a part of the Komiza Trio Islands that are referred to in the form of Vis, Bisevo, and Sveti Andrija.
The biggest island is Vis Island which encompasses an area of 89.72 km2. The next largest island is Bisevo with a surface of 5.8 km2. Sveti Andrija, the tiniest of islands, covers a size that is 0.05 km2.

Vis Island is also the largest island within the Komiza Islands series, having around 4000. inhabitants. This is where you will get food and restaurants while you travel to blue cave.

In addition, there are 12 residents on Bisevo Island and 64 on Sveti Andrija Island. They are probably fishermen who are in the area to hunt for rare fish in the deep waters.


There is no information on what year or when it was found.
In the years prior to 1884, only fishermen in the area knew about it, and the cave’s entrance to the cave wasn’t evident on the surface of the ocean.

The cave can only be entered this cave once you dive a couple of meters below the water.
In 1884 Baron Eugen von Ransonet, an Austrian explorer, discovered the cave underwater, and the cave was then blasted with dynamite in order to create it possible to enter the cave from the surface.

The entrance you see today is an outcome of the explosion and nothing has changed.

When we think of Bisevo Island and its remoteness from cities and accessibility to virtually none of the services that urban areas offer the first thing that comes to be one of those ruined or uneconomic land on which no one wants to live.

In the real world, it’s not so much as that. It’s true that you can’t live a normal lifestyle, yet you have the opportunity to enjoy a memorable holiday on a hard-earned vacation you’ve earned.
As you enter Bisevo Island, look around and you’ll see a lot of caves along the rocky surfaces of the islands.

The Blue Cave and the Monk Seal Cave are among the most renowned of them. Additionally the island, it is full of limestones and cliffs.
The entrance to the cave is narrow. The opening is 2.5m long in width and 1.5m high. You will require a small vessel to access the cave.
To top it all off,, what makes Blue Cave so well-known? and what is it that draws hundreds of thousands of tourists each year? The most important reason is the light of its blue lightning and its sparkling interior.

What’s unique about it? Let’s discover!
As you enter the cave, will be able to see the captivating blue energy light that illuminates all the cave’s contents.

The reason behind this natural light source is sunlight that enters an insignificant hole at one side of the cave. This reflects the limestones beneath the water. As they reflect light and generate blue lightning which shades everything to an aqua-colored.

The cave’s interior is around 24 meters in length and 15 meters tall, with 12 meters of depth below the water. The size of the cave is different at every point. At certain points, the cave gets smaller.

The best time for visiting the Blue Cave is between May and September.
This is when you can be sure that the Adriatic Sea remains calm and stable, but an emergency could break out at any moment.

Furthermore, the destination is open to anyone who would like to go there on their own time. However, the tours that depart from Split, as well as other towns, are available between April through November.

The remainder of the year is hazardous for sea travelers on the Adriatic Sea. This is when you can expect that the Adriatic Sea remains stormy.
If you’re looking to make an impact from your trip you may book a trip during the months of May through September however it’s the best time to visit, and that’s the reason other tourists follow their way to The Blue Cave.

If you’re not a fan of crowds and don’t want to wait in line it is possible to visit in the months of April and October.

After you’ve determined when you’ll travel, it’s time to make a reservation for a package however, you must be mindful of the timing. It is recommended to enter the cave at about 12 noon.

It’s the time of year when the sun directly strikes the limestone in the cave via an upper hole.

There are many ways to access the blue cave and you may select any of them but in the end, all of them can be classified into two groups: an organized tour and an individual tour.

Most people opt for an organized tour in order to stay away from extra workouts and reach Bisevo Island at cheap rates. Private tours, however, have their own appeal.

Getting Blue Cave

There are a lot of blue cave tour operators that operate in the ports of Croatia such as Split along with Trogir. Split is a great place for launching an exploration trip to Croatia’s Adriatic Sea.
There are many advantages of organizing a Blue Cave Croatia tour.

You can meet interesting people, and benefit from the services offered at affordable prices. You can visit multiple places in one package.
You will be guided by professional guides that will also be there to protect you in the event of an unexpected disaster, and you won’t have to be exhausted organizing and arranging the trip, you can purchase the required equipment and gear for your particular destination and more.

But, if you’re not a fan of crowds, or feel uneasy in public, you will not enjoy it as much. If that’s the situation, you could go out with a group of familiar people.

About Trip

In terms of an exclusive blue cave Croatia excursion is concerned, planning the entire tour is exhausting and requires lots of thinking about the plan.

If you’re planning to tackle it yourself make sure you have a whole day to go on taking the Blue Cave tour, because it’s a long and exhausting trip and you’ll probably not be able to travel to a different location once you’ve returned.

In the beginning, you must start your day earlier in the day. then catch the ferry from Split which will transport you to Vis Island. The journey should take between 90-120 minutes, based on the route you choose.

In Vis Island Vis Island, you will be required to board an island bus which will bring the passengers up to Komiza Port and it will take between 15 and 30 minutes.

In the direction of Komiza Port, take a ferry to Port of Porat on Bisevo Island. You must be cautious with the timetable.

The ferry departing from Komiza Port departs only once each day at 8 am and returns to the port at 1 3 pm, 4 pm, or 5 pm. It’s the reason you should start your journey from Split at the earliest possible time so that you won’t be late for a ferry.

The ferry ride will last 60 to 75 minutes for the way from either direction.

When you arrive on Bisevo Island, buy blue cave entrance tickets from the Port of Porat. Most of the time, you’ll be waiting in long lines, especially during the months of May through September.

Before you enter the blue cave, inquire about the time of departure for the ferry to keep track of the time. If you don’t, you’ll remain there for a long time.

Additionally, there’s an easy method of getting to the blue cave. That is to hire an exclusive Blue Cave Croatia from Split.
However, a private speedboat is excessive. However, it’s up to you to decide which option you prefer.
The majority of tourists opt for organized tours to avoid thinking and planning.

But, if you’re a resident of the area sufficiently, it may be easier to reach the area by yourself.

If you’re traveling by yourself or using public transportation, then you will purchase tickets for cave entrances in blue from the Port of Porat or the cave’s entrance.

You can also book the speedboat for an exclusive tour around the marina in Split.
The method of arranging an event is simpler.

All you have to do is visit the office of a tour operator agent, typically situated close to the Split center, or you can book it on the Internet, simply go to the website of the agency you want to contact and make a reservation for an excursion to the blue cave from Split.

The great thing about these tours organized by a professional is that they will take care of everything and include the entry ticket for the cave in blue.
Additionally, they offer more than what they offer.

If you’re going to go to The Blue Cave you’ll also be able to explore other places within this same tour package.

What to do on Bisevo Island while waiting for Blue Cave

As we have already mentioned that you’ll have to wait a little longer because of the long wait times.

However, it’s nothing as long as waiting in lines in malls to make payments of bills.
It’s an island and, around there is the magnificent Adriatic Sea, a top of that, there’s an extensive range of activities on Bisevo Island.

Apart from the blue cave, there are a lot of caves that are located on the island.

If you’re to this site in a group, it’s advantageous, because you’ll never be bored.
Note the date and time, then walk around the island.

There are many amazing things in this area, such as rocks, carved stones numerous caves, and an incredible view over the Adriatic Sea.

Blue Cave Inside

If you step into The Blue Cave, you’ll experience something unique that is not seen elsewhere. However, there are some limitations within the cave.
You can’t do any of these activities. engage in any water-based activities.

You’ll need to stay inside the boat.
You are permitted to take pictures and selfies, however, you need to switch off the flash on your camera.

Be careful not to make excessive noise, and make sure to leave enough space for other people. You can expect to spend anywhere from 6 to 15 minutes inside the cave, based on the size of the crowd.

Good to know before the book

Before you go on the trip, completing some homework is always a good idea.
There are some important things you must consider prior to your journey.

A planned booking is always more efficient than a rush or a sudden booking.

You’ll get more time to prepare.
To make a reservation, conveniently visit any of one of the agencies for organizing trips located near the Split Center.

You can also search for them on the Internet and purchase an essential package.
The best time to reserve a package is at minimum two days prior to your travel day.

When you are preparing for your journey, only bring essential items. You don’t want to lose anything important.
Make sure you have a belt pouch or a small bag to protect small items, such as medicine lotion for the sun, sanitizers, and so on.

If you’re suffering from any health problem it is important to inform your medical professionals or health care providers. Keep the essential medicine you require on hand.

There aren’t any eateries located on Bisevo Island, as the island is too remote and small to store such things.
You can also enjoy various options of food choices while you visit Blue Lagoon, Hvar Island, or Paklenski Island.

Fortunately, these places are part of the same package, so you will certainly find fish and snacks to enjoy. In addition, you can bring some drinks along.