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This adrenaline-packed ride takes you from Split, across the bay, to the Island of Čiovo where you will enjoy your swim in the clear Dalmatian sea. Jet Ski Safari Tour offers you a unique experience while exploring a small part of one of the most beautiful coasts in the world.

Experienced and trained professionals for your safety
High-speed new Jet Skis
Full safety briefing for the beginners for smooth Jet Ski experience in Split, Croatia
Professional assistance and supervision for all the tourists
English-speaking staff and expert trainers

Tour details:


120 min


English, Croatian

Minimum age:

18 years


Printed & Mobile accepted

Group Size:

1 or 2 persons per Jet Ski

Easy Cancellation:

Min 48 hours before tour start

Welcome to Jet Ski Safari Split

A sweet and short Jet Ski Safari tour will leave you stunned for hours and will leave you wishing for more thrills. If you are not sure about your skills, we can help you with building confidence.

If you want to explore the beauty of Split, Croatia, in an unusual way, this Jet Ski Safari Tour will take you across the Kaštela bay to the island of Čiovo.
You can enjoy the cocktail in your hand at Laganini beach bar, or you can dive into the beautiful Dalmatian sea.

Includes & Excludes:

80 min of driving (35 minutes jet boat extreme and 45 minutes jetski)
40 minutes of free time
for various activities (snorkeling)
All necessary safety equipment
Fuel for the whole ride
Well-trained staff and trainers for safety
Professional Instructor
Turning off of route


The meeting point is Trumbiceva 13 street in Split. (location)
Split to Ciovo Island (15 minutes jetboat extreme ride)
45 minutes of adrenaline on the jet ski
Snorkeling and swimming, 40 minutes free time
15 minutes of jet boat extreme return ride to Split


1. Tour 10:30h – 12:30h
2. Tour 12:00h – 14:00h
3. Tour 13:30h – 15:30h
4. Tour 16:30h – 18:30h

About Jet Ski Safari Split

Meetup & Departure

Tourists gather in Trumbiceva 13 as a meeting point (location) before departure.

It’s better if you arrive 10 minutes earlier so you can prepare for a wonderful mood changer ride. The departure is set from Split and the destination is Ciovo island, which is full of dramatic scenic views.

While waiting for the departure, you can have free time to observe the heavenly beauty of the Adriatic Sea with a wide range views, you can enjoy the company of new people in your group and can make social acquaintances, or you can just take a breath because you are going to experience something remarkable in life.

Adrenaline Jet Extreme Boat Ride

The Jet Ski Safari Split begins with a breathtaking adrenaline Jet Extreme Boat Ride. Apart from the journey from Split to Ciovo island, the Jet Extreme Boat Ride is an adventure itself.
A mysterious journey begins with a splash of water. The Jet Extreme Boat runs on the surface of water ripping through the waves of the Adriatic Sea while the boat riders feel a soft touch of leniently blowing wind. The pleasure doesn’t end here, the Adriatic Sea itself encompasses historical and scenic views.
While leaving Split, you can have a view of heritages like Trogir and Kastela Bay. Further, there are plenty of small green islands on the surface of crystal blue water, and the combination of colors catches the eyes of viewers. This adrenaline journey on the surface of water continues for 10 to 15 minutes. But the discovery of magnetic beauty makes it feel like a whole phase of life. Whereas it’s just a part of the wonderful Jet Ski Safari Split, that doesn’t end here.
The adventure is continuous to the second phase.
jet ski safari tour in split croatia

Jet Ski Ride

After an adrenaline ride from Split to Ciovo island, another adventurous activity is in the queue.
Just imagine, lovely scenic surroundings in the middle of the Adriatic Sea on a small island in the deep blue waters, you are diving, swimming, and riding the fastest Jet Ski with full enthusiasm.
The choice is yours whatever you want to do it’s your time to make most of it. As far as Jet Ski Ride is concerned, it’s one of the most loved activities nowadays, especially when you intend to explore the hidden beauties of the mysterious ocean and that too for whole 45 minutes.
With Jet Ski Safari Split, you have a chance to ride a Jet Ski that can mark a top speed of 40 nautical miles. It doesn’t matter if you know how to ride a Jet Ski or not.
jet ski safari split

Free Time

The fun doesn’t end with the Jet Ski. After a ride on Jet Boat Extreme and Jet Ski, you probably are exhausted and want to have some free time to rest.
For that, Jet Ski Safari Split has another phase of free, so that you can relax a bit before returning to the beach in Split.
The duration of free time is around 40 minutes, and there is a beach bar and a restaurant Plaza on Ciovo island.
After an exhausting activity in the water, you must want to regain your energy, so you definitely would like to have snacks, seafood, cold drinks, and other beverages. It’s really a dream life if one’s spending his whole life like that, but unfortunately, now it’s to time to say goodbye to the dramatic Ciovo island.
jet ski safari tour in split

Return to Split

After spending an amazing time on Ciovo island, the skipper will prepare you for another adrenaline ride from Ciovo island to Split.
Another phase of exploring journey, another chance to observe majestic views of greenery around the Adriatic Sea, and once more you will feel like flying upon the crystal blue ocean under the brightest heavenly sky.
It’s sad that this is the last phase of Jet Ski Safari Split, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t book another package for your entire life. You are always welcome here. Whenever you want to find eternal joy, you can book Jet Ski Safari Split and collect precious pearl-like memories.
jet ski safari tour from split

What to bring:

Personal swimsuit for better hygiene
Positive attitude
Beach towel for a luxurious experience
Sunscreen for protection of the skin against harmful sun rays
Any picture of document that for personal identification
The long lasting smile on your face


How can I get a Jet Ski Safari Split?

You can get Jet Ski Safari Tour in Split by booking your tour online on this website: Jet Ski Split, or you can come to office location, Trumbiceva 13.

Where can I find Jet Ski Safari in Split?

Jet Ski Safari Split can be found in the Split centre, in Trumbiceva 13 street.

What is difference between Jet Ski Safari Tour and Jet Ski Rental in Split?

The notion of Jet Ski Safari Tour refers to that kind of Jet Ski ride on which you go with a highly skilled instructor. The tour has previously determined the destination and the duration of it (our tour lasts 100 minutes: 30-minute ride, 40-minute break, 30-minute ride back).
Jet Ski Rental includes the rent of jet-ski for an hour. You go by yourself on this kind of ride. You have to stay inside a determined area while you cruise the sea.

What if the weather is bad?

The safety of our customers is our priority. In case of bad weather, you can reschedule your tour for another day.  You can also ask for a refund if you are not able to do the tour.
In case of any change, we will update you about it on our webpage.
You can learn more about our cancellation and refund policy further on the page.

How far is Jet Ski Safari Split from the Split center?

Jet Ski Safari Split is 5km away from the Split city center or 4,5 km from Riva (promenade in Split).

How much does the Jet Ski Safari Split costs?

The price of a Jet Ski Safari in Split for one person is 170€.
If you book a Jet Ski Safari tour for two people on one jet ski you will pay the price of 220€.
(Not to be confused! If you book a tour for two people, asking for two jet-skis, each person pays 170€.)

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