Jet Ski Safari Tour Split Croatia

Jet Ski Safari Tour Split

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If you are ready for the whole new experience of the Jet Ski Safari tour in Split, Croatia, this is the right time to hit the waves. Pleasure time is something that must be memorable from sceneries to the services. We have designed custom services to meet tourists’ expectations. 

We are the top pick of local and foreign visitors for Jet Ski Safari Split, Croatia.
With our new Jet Ski vehicles and professional guides, you will enjoy adventurous rides with peace of mind.

Why choose us for Jet Ski Safari Tour Split, Croatia?

Safety comes first, and that’s why we have trained professional experts to assist you at every step of your Jet Ski Safari Tour.  Discover the hidden magical places of Split, Croatia, with our professional guides who know how to offer you the best Jet Ski tours for experienced and beginner tourists.

We aim to make your Jet Ski Split experience smooth and pleasant. If something is not needed to make your experience better, we won’t recommend that. You only need to carry things that are essential for your Jet Ski Safari Tour Split, Croatia.

Safari Tour in Split

A journey is full of excitement, mysteries, and adventures. A journey that would blow away all of your sorrows and anxieties.
If you want to make the most of your summer vacations the Jet Ski Safari in Split would be the prominent choice.

Jet Ski Safari tour is created to spread smiles on faces, fill hearts with joy, and dazzle the eyes with natural scenery.
A hundred minutes tours will leave the mark of hundreds of beautiful memories on the mind. The interesting part is with all of its comforts and convenience, the Jet Ski Safari tour is highly affordable, which is one of the reasons why it is the selling tour in Split Croatia.

The tour begins from the Trumbiceva 13 with overwhelming excitement for the exploration of dramatic natural views and historical landmarks. The warmth of the Adriatic Sea and gusts of fresh blowing wind with tiny particles of water make it feel like slow drizzling showers in sunny summer.
But that’s not it, at the end of the adrenalin ride, an island full of wonders with its mysterious beauty awaits.
Ciovo Island is situated to the west-south of Split city. While riding to the island the view of the historical heritage of Trogir and Kastela Bay attracts visions and dazzles the eyes of tourists.
Along with convenience and joy, the Jet Ski Safari Tour Split is also safe and sound.

Professional instructors guide tourists on how to ride appropriately and escort them through the whole tour. The Jet Ski ride ends at the Laganini beach bar which is situated on the bay of the seashore and the stay point to relax and enjoy the crystal blue water and greenery of the island.

Laganini beach bar

The next part of entertainment begins from here. Tourists are free to enjoy the optimum pleasure of the most adventurous tour.
The 40 minutes stay on Ciovo island consist of several activities, such as diving, swimming, surfing, sunbath, and relaxation. The features and sceneries of Ciovo island will help ease the pain and release stress.

If you are a swimmer or diver you can dive in the crystal blue warm water and discover its hidden beauties, if you love parties you can join gatherings at Laganini beach bar, if you are an explorer you could discover the things you never saw, if you are a nature lover you would find the hidden natural beauty of Ciovo island, or if you don’t want to do anything you can enjoy the time relaxing peacefully.

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After 40 minutes of stay on the island, it's time to return to the base. The same pleasure, enjoyment, and beautiful visions of the Adriatic Sea and its warm crystal blue water.
The adrenaline ride of a Jet Ski Split on the variable surface of the lenient water will go on to be the most beautiful memories of life. The tour ends with 30 minutes return ride.
But those who enjoy it once, always come back for the never-ending pleasure of the Jet Ski Safari Tour Split. If you are seeking an extraordinary adventurous experience, you must give it a try.

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